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Home Safety is important because it is a place where our loved ones lived and spend their majority of valuable time. Everyone tries to make their home as safe as possible to avoid any accidents with their loved ones but after taking care of their safety lots of accidents take place in a year. As per statistics in the United Kingdom almost 6000 deaths in a year due to home accidents and in USA this figure is more alarming almost 18000 home accidents with 21million medical visits in a year.

It is observed that children and elder people (over the age of 70) are more victims of home accidents.

To avoid such kinds of accidents understanding of home safety is required in community

Let’s understand home safety in details

Home Safety Hazards

Home Safety- wet floor
Wet floor or slip
Home Safety- falling form stair case
Falling from staircase
Home Safety- kitchen fire
Kitchen fire
Home Safety- Use of bare cables
Use of bare cables
Home Safety- overloading of electrical circuits
Overloading of electrical circuits
Home Safety- Tripping over cable
Tripping over cables
Home Safety- sloping on chair
Sloping on chair
Home Safety- over reaching
Overreaching- wrong tool
Home Safety- open drawers
Open furniture drawers
Home Safety- cut by knives
Cut by sharp object
Home Safety- chocking food
Choking of food
Home Safety- gas cylinder
Improper storage of gas cylinder
Home Safety- wrong tools
Use of wrong tools
Home Safety- match box
Easy accessibility of matchbox
Home Safety- cleaning chemical
Use of cleaning chemicals
Home Safety- leaking utilities
leaking of utilities & drainage
Home Safety- Generation of Carbon monoxide
Generation of carbon monoxide
Home Safety- rat and reptiles
Rat and other reptiles
Interact with hot iron after use
Reach to sharp object
Fingering in electrical sockets
Home Safety- hot surface
Unsecured Hot surfaces
Home Safety- toys
Toys on floor
Home Safety- unsecured drawers
Climbing on unsecured drawers
Home Safety- washing machine
Access to washing machine
Home Safety- dish washer
Access of dishwasher
Home Safety- toys
Toys on staircase

Home Safety Control Measures

To mitigate all above hazards following measures required
  • Clean all spillage immediately and stop movement while doing wet moping
  • Never use a mobile on the staircase and use a handrail to avoid fall
  • Never run on a staircase
  • Make sure cooking oil has never been overheated or else it caught fire
  • Don’t use water to extinguish a cooking fire
  • Keep flammable material away from gas stove
  • Never use bare cable for power supply
  • Avoid joints in the cable
  • Stop using kitchen equipment if found to damage
  • Neve uses electrical apparatus near to water
  • Don’t overload the electrical switchboard (for more insights on electrical safety click here..)
  • Never laid down cables on the floor to avoid a trip hazard
  • Don’t play with the chair, keep it firm
  • Always use appropriate tools for height work
  • Keep drawers of furniture closed to avoid trips and fall
  • Keep presence of mind while using knives and cutters
  • To avoid throat chocking choose your food appropriate
  • Gas cylinder must be stored in an open area, avoid storage in a closed room
  • Refill gas cylinder with the authorized agency only
  • Keep matchbox away to avoid easy access to kids or use lighters for gas stove
  • Avoid unauthorized use of cleaning chemicals, keep away from reach of kids
  • Never mix two cleaning agents together to avoid chemical reactions
  • Always attend leakages of utilities & drainage
  • Make sure Gas stove is kept in close position while not in use
  • Keep doors open while using a gas stove to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide
  • Remove rats or other reptiles immediately if found in the home which may cut cable and damages properties which results in electrical shock or fire
  • Make sure kids never reach to the Electrical stove
  • Collect all toys spread on the floor to avoid injuries
  • Make sure unsecured furniture is out of reach from kids it may fall on them in case of climb
  • Make sure kids are not opened washing machine in running and make sure it’s interlock in working condition
  • Avoid access to the dishwasher to the kids they may break porcelain/glass utensils or may affect with forks, knives and other sharp tools
  • Remove toys from the staircase immediately
  • Keep small objects away from kids to avoid throat chocking
  • Block staircase from both ends to protect kids from fall
  • Keep iron, hair straightener and other hot equipment away from kids after use
  • Put blind on all electrical sockets to avoid shock to the kids if place finger in it
  • Keep sharp objects away from kids

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