Tips for Child safety

Use covers on Electrical sockets

Electric shock

Install Railing on staircase

fall from height

Store medicines away from reach

Health problem if Eat

Keep Electrical tools away from kids

Electrical shock

Ensure toys are safe for kids 

chocking, injury

Locked drawers 

Eye injury, cut injury sharp tools

Store chemical away from child

Serious health problem if drink

Place  material out of reach

Head injury

Keep eye on child

Multiple injury

Don't allow electrical board as a toy

Trip, fall, shock

Make sure steps are free from toys

Slip, fall

Don't allow to open dishwashers

Cut by sharp edges of utensils (fork, porcelain, glass)

Keep away from rotating parts

Multiple injuries

Unsecure hot surface keep away

Burns, fire

Secure portable drawers

fall, body injuries

Store Sharp object away

fall, body injuries

After iron place it away  


Save The child