Steps for Safe selection of toys for kids

Risk: Age group decide by considering safety of that age group child

Select toys according to age of child

Risk: if toys fall from hand of child his leg got injured due to heavy weight of toys

Avoid heavy toys

All child have a habits of chewing toys, if it's part got detached during chewing, there is a Risk of swallow

Consider Chewing resistance

Kids placed toys in there mouth while playing at that time there is a risk of ill due to deposit of germs and dust on toys

Select Washable toys

Risk of unintentionally strangle him self which may block blood circulation

Avoid toys with String or wire

Select toys such a ways that it do not break easily if toys breaks it can injured to child

Select sturdy toys

Sharp edges of toys may cut or scratch the skin of babies while playing. so make sure quality while buying

Avoid toys with sharp edges

All Child throw toys that time batteries detached  if they keep battery in mouth may resulted in serious injury

Avoid battery toys

Toxic toys contain lead or phthalates which is harmful for kids. Check label of non toxic

Avoid toxic toys

ensure edges are secured and all parts tight. it may cause chocking or suffocation if swallowed

Stuffed toys well made

To loud toys can damage kids hearing ability and in worst case total hearing loss may resulted

Avoid loud toys

Metal toys may harm to kids while he is try to bite of throw toward others or slipped from his hand

Avoid metal toys

Age group Warning Non toxic Chocking Hazard Electrical toys "UL Approved"

Save child

Check below labels on toys