We spent lot's of time in selection of safe car for our family and specially for kids. But  there are some dangers in vehicle which may seriously harm or even killed kids

safe selection of car

Heat stock is one of the key reason behind kids death after crashes in car accidents Children are more affected due to left in hot car

heat stock

28 children died in 2022 form Heat stock in USA In 2021 it was 23 Average 38 Child lost their lives in a year due to heat stock in USA (1998-2021)


52% kids died due to forgotten in car by caregiver 26% enter in car for playing (by own) 20%  knowingly left in car by caregiver 2% by unknown reason

reason of death

Car  temperature

Car can heat up 20 degree within 10 minutes and become deadly In darker colour vehicle temperature riser most quickly then 20 degree (like black, grey etc.)

heat  Stock

Kid's body temperature rise 3-5 times faster than an adult's When kids left in hot vehicle their body temperature rise quickly and they can die within minutes

heat  Stock

At body temperature of 104 degree heat stock begin At body temperature 107 degree kids can die

heat  Stock

Heat stock does not occurs in summer only but it can occurs at any time in a year For 60 F outside temp in USA, car inside temperature can easily rise up to 120 degree in span of 30 min

heat  Stock

If Statistic for other country check then death ratio of child is more due to high outside temperature and lack of awareness on hot car accidents

prevention tips

Teach children not  to play inside cars before leaving vehicle take round and ensure no one left in car Teach children keep away from car when driver left from car

prevention tips

Take actions while you found any child alone in cars. Protecting child is everyone's responsibilities

Let's Pledge

I will educate to people around me about hot cars deaths of child and helps the nation to achieve zero deaths goal  I always take care of children surroundings to me


Look Before lock

Save Child

Reference: NHTSA U.S. department of transport